Eine Zeitschrift über Herdenschutzhunde - in Englisch CAO & COusins

For many centuries big, strong, but very agile dogs called shepherds, sheepdogs or mastiffs where helping people to protect herds and households from Pyrenees, through Alps, Caucasus and all the way to Mongolian steppes. Despite of differences in appearance all these breeds are connected by one characteristic - total devotion to protect what they were given to. Although time passed, civilization and the new modern world developed to it's nowadays shape, these guardian dogs remain the same as hundreds years ago - independent, loyal and proud.
The LGD Breeds Magazine 'CAO & COusins' is our next step after publishing the Polish version 'CAO i kuzyni' from April 2010. Our magazine is published for all fanciers, owners and breeders of these working breeds, divided in Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) groups 1 and 2. We would like to show you these beautiful, sometimes rare and unknown dog breeds.
Our quarterly magazine is written by passionate fanciers, who want to share their experience and knowledge about these fascinating dogs. For the sake of LGD breeds' future - to preserve them unchanged for next generations.
Europe 13 EUR = magazine + priority mail
USA & Canada 14 EUR = magazine + priority mail
World 15 EUR = magazine + priority mail

Magazine is in English language.

High quality, glossy covers magazine. 52 pages of your favorite breeds' info.

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